Conf. univ. dr. Adrian Stoleriu

Adrian Stoleriu is an associate professor who teaches Mural Art at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design (UNAGE) and a visual artist, member of the National Union of Plastic Artists – Iași Branch. He became a doctor in Visual Arts with the thesis Visual representations of the sacred in contemporary art in 2012. Since 2018, he has been a PhD supervisor within the Doctoral School of Visual Arts, and in April 2020 he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design. His artistic activity focuses on capturing and valuing the spiritual and religious aspects of contemporary society, as well as the identity dilemmas imposed by current socio-cultural environments. His works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions of visual arts, personal or collective, in the country and abroad. Among the most important, we’ll mention “Landscapes”, Milan, Italy (2019), “Babilonia”, apARTe Gallery, Iasi (2017), “Rumänien II”, Barockschlossl, Mistelbach, Austria (2014), “Kunst aus Rumänien”, Barockschlossl, Mistelbach, Austria (2012). Theoretically, his research is directed towards the dialogues between art and spirituality. He has published several works that explore topics specific to the visual representation of the sacred, to traditional religious art, but also its contemporary expressions.