Conf. univ. dr. Monica Pop

Monica Pop is a professor specialised in DESIGN at FAVD, UNAGE Iasi. She was born in Iasi on May 19th, 1967 and graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts. She has a Master’s degree in cultural and social anthropology and a PhD in aesthetics. Her theoretical research focuses on interdisciplinary fields related to design and visual arts, and communication management in professional practice.

Her main academic interests are semiotics, in all its forms of manifestation, the dynamics of the sign in society and the transposition of practitioners’ concepts into new understandings of design. She has published eight scientific papers dealing with issues related to visual semiotics, the dynamics of visual language as well as issues of design representation in the living space or the advertising space. She has also contributed to conferences indexed in international databases with articles on visual communication, design thinking, industrial design, ecodesign, etc. She coordinated various artistic projects within the UNAGE Iasi; she is a former member of four research grants and a member of FDI research projects. She participates in national and international exhibitions of visual arts and has been a PhD supervisor within the Doctoral School of Visual Arts since 2016.