Prof. univ. dr. Anca-Maria Rusu

Prof. Anca-Maria RUSU, PhD is a member of UNITER, the Romanian Writers’ Union (Iasi Branch), the International Association of Theater Critics (Romanian Section). She was the director of the Doctoral School of Theatre (2012-2016), President of the Ethics Commission of UNAGE (2017-2021), and editor-in-chief of Artes publishing house. She took part in numerous scientific events, research and artistic creation projects, she published articles and studies in cultural or specialized magazines. She was and is part of permanent guidance commissions for PhD students in the field of Theatre and Performing Arts, as well as in various Public Support Commissions (as official Referent or Commission President) of IOSUD UNAGE, or other specialized faculties in the country. She received a bronze medal and a gold medal at the Technical-Scientifical, Artistic and Literary Book Salon (EUROINVENT, 2011, 2015) and the Romanian Writers’ Union award (Iasi Branch, 2018) for the Theatre Book. She is an author (7 volumes), a co-author (8 volumes) and co-author and coordinator (3 volumes). She supervised doctoral theses focusing on universal and Romanian dramaturgy, performance studies, the art of the actor, theatrical pedagogy.