Prof. univ. dr. Dan Prelipcean

Dan Prelipcean is the cellist of the Voces string quartet founded in 1973 in Iași. Since 1990, Voces has been an ensemble of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting in Bucharest. He’s been an associate professor at FICSMT, at the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași, teaching instrumental interpretation and chamber music since 2005; In 2005 he defended his PhD thesis entitled Classical creation for string quartet. Stylistic landmarks, at UNAGE Iași, under the coordination of prof. Mihail Cozmei, PhD. He has been a PhD supervisor since 2007; his students have developed artistic careers in the country and abroad; among them, the quartets Ad libitum (Iași) and Gaudeamus (Brașov); Honorary professor of the Gh. Dima National Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca and the Conservatory of Music in Würzburg (Germany). He coordinated and managed the national and international artistic activity of Voces from 1980 until now. He organized and participated in instrumental interpretation master classes in Romania and abroad. He was the Director of the Doctoral School of Music at UNAGE Iași (2011–2020); Member of CNATDCU (National Council for the Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates 2011–2019). He has numerous CDs, radio and TV recordings, including the “George Enescu” Complete Chamber Works (1981) and the Beethoven Complete Works (live recordings in Würzburg, Germany). He published books, studies and held lectures on the technique of instrumental interpretation.

Research interests:

  • The complete piano creation of Leoš Janáček
  • Concertos for cello and orchestra by Joseph Haydn
  • Sonata for cello and piano in the 20th century Russian music
  • Guitar poses in the creation of Joaquin Rodrigo